Video & motion design

We love film. Nothing comes close to the expressiveness of a video that is well-storyboarded, written, shot and edited. Combine the real world with digital effects and your viewers will be hooked.

Motion video

The possibilities of the Internet are ever-developing and the expectations of the public are becoming increasingly higher. The public expects to be able to find instant and clear information about a subject. Video is a perfect way to share this information. Video is not only capable of conveying a large amount of information, but can bring your message across by evoking a certain feel or frame of mind.

How do we do it

Film is our passion. Whether it's a live broadcast, a corporate film or a documentary, you've come to the right place. We approach every production in the most personal way possible. For every project we select the right crew to fit the job. We strive to expand our horizon with every production. Whether it's using new technologies, equipment or ideas, every production is made unique and tailor-made to fit your expectations.

The benefits

Video enables you to convey a personal message and allows you to emphasize the intricacies of your products.

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Final Cut Pro

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After Effects

Top of the line movies

When perfection is the only option. From the analyzation of the target audience to writing the storyboards and scripts, this production leaves nothing to chance. When all preparations are finished, it is time to shoot the film. Additional music and digital effects convey the message even further. Preferred option for videos that are shown to a wide public/audience.

Cost effective shoots

It is the best combination of both worlds. We push the shoot to the limits while finding a perfect midway between high-quality and cost-effective productions. In consultation we coordinate the production to accommodate the wishes and possibilities. This option is mostly used for internal communication and corporate films.

Fast news productions

This type of production is used for news items and projects with urgent deadlines. Typically armed with a single camera, we will shoot video on location. We can film brief on-the-spot interviews, promotions or captions of events. Combining this with a quick montage, we help you spread the word.

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