What if you hit the news

What happens if suddenly you are part of the news? It makes you reflect on what news is and what influence you have by bringing news.

This happened to us lately with our video production team. We hit the news with a video on an item that a lot of Dutch people took back to their childhood days. It was part of a series on typical Dutch content we call Delightfully Dutch. We use the series to identify ourselves as a Dutch company and we want to show the world how beautiful The Netherlands can be.

We were brainstorming for some new ideas on Dutch nostalgia items to film. One of the subjects included Tropicana. Many of us have some sweet teenager memories from the time that Tropicana was the first and only tropical swimming paradise in the Netherlands. What happened to it we did not know so we investigated a little and found out that the building was abandoned in 2010 and left as it was. This was slightly different than we anticipated up front but why not try to film it in this state? We took our drone and cameras and headed for Rotterdam.

Tropicana Filming at Tropicana, Rotterdam

We created a compilation of the building and the terrible state it was in and published the movie on YouTube. Then it happened it got picked up fast. First by the regional and millennial generation broadcasters. Later by national broadcasters. We received a lot of questions and comments on our video. It appeared we touched a nerve somehow.

Initiatives started to save the tropical swimming paradise among others. Especially in Rotterdam it was the talk of the town for a little while. Then some time passed and the attention faded.

Two weeks ago the auction was held to sell the Tropicana building. Again our video was part of the news on national level. It closed the loop and left us thinking: what role did we play in all this? Did we bring the news? Did we somehow influence the decision making? We are used to influence others in decision making as specialists and consultants but this was different. We put facts in the public domain and indirectly influenced others.

We will probably never know what our exact role in this scenario was. But it has certainly been an interesting ride.

Facebook page: Initiative to save Tropicana (Dutch)