Latest news

Mafia III Sneak Preview

We created the RTL sneak preview of Mafia III for broadcast on Dutch television. The game is published by 2K Games and developed by Hangar 13. It is set in the fictive New Bordeaux of 1968 which players can freely explore.

Automating tax reclaims with Protocol

We recently built the Protocol web app for Taxology. Protocol makes it easy for pension funds to reclaim more of their paid withholding taxes. By integrating international tax treaties we’ve automated a former time consuming process, making it much more efficient.

RTL Sneak Preview: DOOM

DOOM has returned. After years of development the reboot of the DOOM franchise is finally here. With our friends at Bethesda we've created another RTL Sneak Preview especially dedicated to this iconic shooter.

New product catalogue for Omron Europe

Since last year we have been working on a new online product catalogue for Omron Europe. Omron sells complex industrial automation products. The new design makes it easier for customers to choose the right products.

New site for Pitmaster X

Pitmaster X is the barbeque king with almost 50.000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 30.000 followers on Facebook. The social channels are all about barbecue with more than 100 videos showing reviews, tips and cool recipes. Now with a brand new site.

RTL Sneak Preview: Fallout 4

The first renewed version of RTL Sneak Preview aired on RTL5. This game-related version of the Sneak Preview is dedicated to Fallout 4 which will be released in November. Together with RTL Nederland we developed this updated concept and created the episode.

Opening in Sweden

We have opened a new office in Sweden! It is located in Pumphuset – the beautiful old pump station – in Enköping, near Stockholm. We have been working on this for some time and we're very excited! Our team will work together from Sweden & the Netherlands, with all of our communication happening online.

Paleis Het Loo

We visited the beautiful Paleis Het Loo. This historic monument is more than 300 years old and once housed members of the Dutch Royal Family. We filmed the beautiful palace and the absolutely stunning gardens and made some stunning footage for the marketing communication of the palace.

Sail 2015 Amsterdam

One of the largest maritime events in the world is broadcast live by Voormedia. A spectacular highlight is the arrival of over 50 tall ships in Amsterdam, accompanied by thousands of smaller vessels. With a remote controlled camera we made sure that the event was captured.

Abandoned swimming paradise Tropicana

Tropicana was closed down five years ago and has been abandoned ever since. Armed with cameras and a drone we took a trip down memory lane. After posting the video it turned out that we were not the only ones having this nostalgic feeling.

Magento Connect

TinyPNG and TinyJPG are growing in popularity. To leverage the success we developed an extension to compress images. Magento is a popular open-source webshop solution. The extension automatically compresses JPEG and PNG product images intelligently.

Dutch flower fields near Keukenhof

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. In the spring time it is a perfect time to visit the blooming flower fields near the Keukenhof and Noordwijkerhout. We took the opportunity to shoot a scenic video from a completely new perspective.

Coast mountain expeditions

Coast Mountain Expeditions specialises in extraordinary sea kayak tours in British Columbia, Canada. We joined them in a three day adventure in the wilderness. Our cameras were practically running non-stop. With this footage we created a promotional video.

Ahoy Urban Indoor Trail

Rotterdam Running Crew organizes special running experiences in Rotterdam each month. For the Ahoy Urban Indoor Trail we created unique indoor footage and also broadcasted this in a livestream on Youtube for those staying at home.

Bird's-eye view of Kenya

Africa Wood Grow is making real progress at their farm in Kenya. They are growing vegetables for the local community and have planted many Melia Volkensii trees for lumber production. We created an impression of this with an aerial video from a bird's-eye view.

Hosted community event Nintendo

Nintendo has just released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. We hosted their community event for the true fans. As the new streaming partner of Nintendo we also broadcasted this event live in The Netherlands and Belgium. You can watch the event stream online.

WordPress image compression

We made an image compression plugin for WordPress. The plugin automatically compresses JPEG and PNG images when uploaded to a website or blog. It increases speed, saves bandwidth and reduces CDN costs. Check out the side-by-side comparison with other compression plugins.

Mind Affairs corporate identity

Mind Affairs offers business coaching, team formation services and employee assessments. We designed the new corporate identity and created a responsive website for the introducton of this new company.

Bouwens& repositioning

A strategic repositioning of Bouwens Groep. Culture, values, tone of voice and visual identity were aligned and a new brand name was formed. Starting today the company will go by their new name Bouwens&.

Promotional newsletter campaigns

We created a series of newsletter campaigns in December and January. The latest In love with service video campaign featured a 3D animated butterfly flying through a space with short floating sentences.

Minecraft books microsite

JP Publishing releases books, magazines and calendars around strong brands like LEGO, Mattel and Microsoft. We created a simple minisite for the promotion of their new series of Minecraft books.

Responsive website for hazardous substances guidelines

We created a responsive website for the Dutch standardization organization that publishes guidelines for production, transport and storage of hazardous substances.

Intelligent JPEG compression service

We have launched a service that can compress JPEG images with an automatic tradeoff between image quality and small file size. The solution is aimed at any web shop, blog, corporate site and saves on bandwidth and CDN costs.

Freshly Juiced launched

Freshly Juiced is a new initiative all about games. The website will have weekly video episodes hosted by rising star and true gamer girl Soraya. She will cover the latest games, ranging from mobile to the next-gen consoles. Take a look at the latest episodes.

External safety wiki software upgrade

The external safety knowledge base of Dutch Provinces is based on Atlassian Confluence. This year we upgraded the system to the latest release. The new version includes better user management and improved text editor.

Responsive minisite for "Huis ter Veen"

We created a single page responsive minisite to help boost the sale of a villa called "Huis ter Veen". The minisite shows photographs of the building and different options and ideas to interest potential buyers.

We sponsor the North Sea Regatta

Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta is the largest sailing race event in the Netherlands. We sponsor the event since 2003 and organise all communication through web, newsletters, apps and popular social media channels. Read more in the portfolio.

The TV series of InsideGamer

InsideGamer is a new television format airing weekly on Veronica. The show keeps you updated on the latest gaming news from all over the world. We are producing the episodes in collaboration with Sanoma Media. You can watch the latest episodes online.

Microsoft commercials

Microsoft is about to release new Xbox LIVE apps for the Dutch market. This includes RTL XL, Pathé Thuis, Eredivisie Live and Ziggo TV. We are producing the television commercials that will be aired at the end of March. Read more in the portfolio.

Research in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam

Voormedia hosts the thesis projects of two Computer Science Master students. One research focuses on how to effectively apply pair programming. The other research explores how to measure the quality of software systems written in multiple languages.

Marketing and promotion of serious game platform

We launched an online platform for professional trainers to create and host serious games. The platform is a joint venture between Voormedia and Company to College and marketed with a responsive website, promotional video and demo days in February, March and April 2013.

Interactive map for Omron North America

We created an interactive map for Omron North America to help customers locate vital services and suppliers. We integrated Google Maps to ensure great usability and created a custom theme to reflect Omron's corporate style.

Database optimization for Bouwens Groep planning system

Bouwens Groep delivers first-class facility services and hospitality. We optimized their administration and planning databases which resulted in a considerably faster back end application.

Voormedia retires server hardware

We have removed our servers from the data center. All our web applications are now hosted in the cloud. Read more about Voormedia's cloud hosting infrastructure in the portfolio.

New tool for smart PNG compression

We frequently use PNG images, but were frustrated with the load times. We created TinyPNG in a quest to make our own websites faster and more fun to use. TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression to reduce the size of PNG files.

Publication of employment & income research reports

For the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment we created a platform for storage and publication where visitors can quickly find and download reports. Read more in the portfolio.

New responsive Voormedia website

Today we launch our new home on the internet marking our 10th anniversary! The site features a responsive layout and high resolution images to ensure a great experience on any device.

Africa Wood Grow

Roeland Lelieveld started Africa Wood Grow to save the environment by planting trees in Kenya. Voormedia wholeheartedly supports this great initiative as it nurtures the ecosystem and creates jobs and prosperity for the local community.

Google Search Appliance proof of concept

We have created a working demo for a multinational to investigate the advantages of Google Search Appliance. All global, local and intranet websites were indexed to aid the decision process by senior management.

Tridion 2011 upgrade

We performed the first Dutch upgrade of SDL Tridion 2011 in close cooperation with business owners and Tridion engineers. The upgrade is rolled out in 18 countries and published in most European languages. Read more in the portfolio.

External safety wiki

We manage the external safety knowledge base of Dutch Provinces. Yearly new releases add functionality and improvements to the Confluence based wiki. New this year: improved collaboration, commenting and discussion features.

First class corporate site for Bouwens Groep

Bouwens Groep is renowned first-class facility services and hospitality. Today we launched a top notch corporate site with a great visual experience that resembles the services in the real world.

Promotional videos for Omron Europe social network

Omron Europe is rolling out a new internal collaboration platform. To highlight this we wrote, storyboarded, shot and edited 4 web videos to help promote the use of the new platform amongst employees. Read more in the portfolio.

Company to College serious game software

Just successfully finished the second scrum with Company to College. Serious game software is being developed for project management in higher education institutions and government bodies. Hundreds of students can work together in simulations. Read more in the portfolio.

ASR compensation plans

ASR starts a large campaign to inform its customers. Until the end of December 2011 over 1 million policy owners are informed. We made videos and a calculation tool that displays to what extent policies match expectations.

E3 video coverage

We are producing video coverage of the largest game trade show in the world for both Discovery Channel and Together with The Secret Lab the press conferences by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are followed closely every day.


Appsterdam aims to promote our capital as the worldwide centre of app development. We support the initiative and help out by providing facilities, services and people at the events, bootcamps, lectures and hackatons.