Automated private cloud
hosting infrastructure

We rolled out a fully automated cloud hosting infrastructure that can be used for any organization. The solution offers flexibility and a high level of security.


Cloud computing removes the burdens of owning and maintaining hardware in a data centre. With recent advances in cloud computing such as increased performance and security we felt the time was right to take advantage of the resulting lower cost of ownership.


We migrated all our servers to the cloud. This allowed a unique opportunity to improve our hosting. We aimed for full automation and uniform configuration to make maintenance easy and reliable. We designed the entire solution to be vendor independent.


The new cloud infrastructure is completely automated. Applications and servers can be deployed and updated within minutes. Firewall rules, security zones and certificates ensure a high level of security.


Flexible, easy to maintain and secure infrastructure that can be put in place for any organisation. New servers and applications will be up and running within minutes.


We created a virtual private cloud with multiple private networks. Connections to the infrastructure for deployment, service and maintenance are routed through VPN servers and secured with personal client certificates.

Servers are standardized for different tasks such as application hosting, running databases, sending email or streaming video. The servers run Linux or Windows and are monitored, updated and backed up frequently.

Fast deployment Fast deployment


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