Company to College
serious game software

We designed and built online software for serious gaming. The web application allows hundreds of students to participate simultaneously.


Company to College is a provider of educational programs and serious games. They sought after a more effective solution to host serious game simulations in complex project management simulations.


Contrary to the complex simulation task was the critical success factor of the solution: simplicity. Gameplay needed to be easy to understand, easy to set up and easy to use: a solution where students can really focus on the game.


We built a truly scaleable solution which enables Company to College to have very little overhead needed per game and that supports multiple games at the same time.


Great looking and easy to use serious game software that can handle many different complex project management simulations.


The solution is kept simple. Web application development was performed using Ruby on Rails 3.0 and finally hosted in the cloud. We developed the front-end using Haml and Sass.

CoffeeScript, jQuery and Web fonts were used for animation and design. jQuery was further extended with plugins that dynamically resize the background images and text areas.

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