First class corporate site
redesign for Bouwens&

Bouwens& is renowned for high quality facility services. Customers include large multinationals and governmental institutions in The Netherlands.


Bouwens& has been actively marketing her services online ever since the company was founded. The website has always stood out both in number of visitors and site design. In 2004 we designed the first site, in 2008 the 2nd version and in 2011 the 3rd generation. To stay ahead of competition and attract new clients we were asked to design what is now their 4th generation site.


This time we set the bar really high by aiming for a corporate website that would excel in visual appeal, ease of use and responsiveness. It was envisaged that this could be accomplished with large photos, short texts and subtle animations. And with market share for tablets and mobile phones rapidly growing the site would need to work on those devices too.


We actually started off with a redesign of the corporate identity. Different colours were chosen to identify each of the services and the general blue logo colour was changed to silver. Modern typefaces were selected for greater impact. The final design of the front end includes progressive enhancement and compatibility across all major browsers and mobile devices.


The values of Bouwens& are embodied in a top notch corporate site with emphasis on quality and discretion. A great visual experience that resembles the services in the real world.


The site is built using modern technologies for speeding up HTML/CSS development. The graphic intensive front-end is made with Ruby on Rails, Haml and Sass. This makes it extremely easy to extend and maintain.

We started off with a pure CSS layout and applied jQuery for the animations. We added web fonts for typography. The content is implemented with markdown and maintainable using our standard Rails CMS.

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