Marketing campaign for Omron Europe collaboration platform

For Omron Europe, we wrote, storyboarded, shot and edited 4 web videos to help promote the use of the new internal collaboration platform amongst employees.


Adoption of novelties in a large corporate environment such as Omron Europe is not easy. In 2011 an internal collaboration platform to share knowledge and improve teamwork was chosen at Omron Europe. The challenge rose to hype the collaboration platform before introduction and motivate employees to start using it when the software was launched.


We elaborated upon four cases: blogs, profiles, communities and activities. We wrote dialogue and created storyboards. We hired actors and after picking the right locations, we filmed each of them in a story-like setting that highlights each case. Two important ingredients were humour – a message sticks when there's a humorous, light side to it – and motion graphics, which help understand the transition of the real world to the virtual reality of the social platform.


We decided to shoot video that shows how the platform is discovered by someone 'just like you' and benefits everyone involved. Because viewers can relate to situations and people in the video, we hope to get them involved in this new way of working and try out the new platform. Video can be spread easily on the web, which helps to make sure the message has a wide impact range.


4 high quality, entertaining and attractive videos that introduce the new collaboration platform and activate employees of Omron to try it for themselves.


The videos were shot with Canon 5D Mark II, 7D and Sony EX3 cameras. We edited and cut the videos using Final Cut Pro. Motion graphics visualised interaction with the platform.

Special effects were created with Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. Videos were posted on YouTube, presented at conferences and spread throughout the global organisation.

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Final Cut Pro

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