Publication of employment & income research reports

For the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment we designed and developed a platform for storage and publication where researchers can quickly find and download reports.


The knowledge platform Employment & Income is responsible for sharing research. They need a way to give researchers and others involved easy access to current and past research. In the existing situation the status of any given research was not always clear. Reports were in some cases hard to localize and obtain. Deciding what research should be executed could be bogged down because of this.


In the first stage of the project we ran a proof of concept with Google Custom Search. We injected PDF reports with metadata and added project information as actual content on the cover page of each report. In a second stage we investigated whether we could improve the application by implementing Elasticsearch. The use of Elasticsearch eventually proved to be most powerful in terms of control and flexibility.


We built the application in an agile approach and collaborated closely with the client. We ensured a working application all the time that met the needs of the targeted users. Research documents are separated from the application using centralized storage. Lists with results are presented using a single page interface and combined with endless scrolling to make user interaction simple and direct.


A fast and easy-to-use website where search results and research reports are presented in a consistent style containing all relevant information.


Each research report PDF shows a nicely designed and formatted logo and a summary of the report. This is generated by a custom plug-in for the back end. Backbone.js creates a fast and lightweight client side application. The application is hosted on a virtual private cloud based infrastructure.

Elasticsearch provides fast, accurate and reliable search results and it allows the user to narrow down the results further by selecting organisations, research topics and publication dates. Once a user clicks on any result additional information from the database is obtained through the Rails API.

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Ruby on Rails

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