Logging and generating reports
in the hospitality industry

Reporter enables security employees to quickly log events that happen during their shift and give insights to managers with monthly overviews.


Bouwens& has a lot of clients and locations where security employees of bouwens& are working. These security officers are required to document any actions and situations that occur during their shift. The goal was to create an efficient, automated and uniform portal for these security employees to register their reports.


In order to fully understand the current work process of the end user we decided to sit down with the target audience (security officers) to discuss various designs and solutions. The next step was to reverse-engineer past documents to see what kind of reports were previously made.


We discovered the main problem laid with the standardization of the data entered by the employees. In order for this project to succeed we had to ensure this new method of submitting data was intuitive and frictionless. For the MVP we built a portal that collects sanitized and categorized data relevant for preparing reports while saving room for automation.


Bouwens&'s launching product: Reporter . An application that enables security employees to quickly log events on the spot.


The site is built using modern technologies for speeding up HTML/CSS development. The graphic intensive front-end is made with ReactJS and Sass. This makes it extremely easy to extend and maintain.

We started off by building a JSON API in Ruby on Rails which is rendered with ReactJS. We added web fonts for typography. The content is modular, reusable and maintainable given the benefits of the chosen technologies.

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