Television & cinema commercials
for Microsoft Xbox LIVE apps

We created a series of commercials for Microsoft to celebrate the launch of their local Xbox LIVE apps, which include RTL XL, Pathé Thuis, Eredivisie Live and Ziggo TV.

The challenge

Xbox is much more than just a gaming machine. With the introduction of Xbox LIVE apps, Microsoft has expanded the possibilities of their platform. This year the very first four Dutch apps arrived. Because the apps are solely for the Dutch audience, Microsoft asked us to create a series of commercials to draw more attention to the apps. The challenge was to produce four commercials which convey how easy and fun it is to utilize the new Xbox LIVE apps using the Kinect controller.

The approach

During the concept phase of our commercial design, we thought of a way to produce one complete story line consisting of four different chapters, instead of four independent commercials. Each chapter would set out to illustrate the story of one of the apps. Because each app had a specific target audience, it was possible to create a variety of scenarios, giving each app its own distinct feel. The commercial would allow the consumer to experience how the Xbox apps could be used in daily life.

The solution

By choosing a storyline with four separate chapters, we were essentially able to divide the overall story into 5 different products: four unique television commercials, one specific to each app, and one overall commercial, to be shown on the Xbox Live platform.
Since the apps are aimed at the Dutch market, we wanted to give the commercials a truly Dutch look and feel. Not only did we carefully select the cast, we also chose two typical Dutch surroundings as shooting locations, Amsterdam and Zeeland.


We created four stunning commercials for each app, available for broadcasting on both television and in Pathé cinemas in the Netherlands, as well as a comprehensive commercial of all four apps illustrating the whole story.


The videos were shot with the Arri Alexa film-style camera, giving the commercials its organic film look. The majority of the montage and grading was done using Final Cut Pro.

The Xbox LIVE apps were not yet available at the time of the shoot. Using After Effects, we were able to smoothly integrate the visuals onto the television screens during post-production.

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Final Cut Pro

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After Effects