Lightning fast content delivery meets best in class image optimization

Tinify CDN improves website performance. The website's files are analyzed, optimized and delivered via a super-fast global network of servers.


Before launching Tinify CDN, users were bound to use official Tinify plugins, third-party plugins created by the community or having to manually integrate the API. Integrating the Tinify image compression service requires technical knowledge and is time consuming


For this project to succeed we had to ensure this new method of integrating Tinify's image compression services was intuitive and frictionless. Instead of building a tool and integrating it with a single CDN we decided to go for a multi-CDN making sure we had ultimate coverage globally - which provides higher stability for users and better overal performance.


With Tinify CDN users can now have their images optimized in minutes. They simply subscribe to Tinify CDN, add the provided Tinify location / URL to their image library and Tinify will work it's magic - making sure every current and newly added image is perfectly optimized.


Tinify's launching product: Tinify CDN . An application that makes it easier than ever to speed up your website and optimize your images


The client environment was built with React and integrated with Tinify 's existing backend (NodeJS). We decided to use something a bit more exotic (Rust) to build the engine of Tinify CDN itself.

We decided to host TinyCDN on Google Cloud based on the importance of stability and security for Tinify users combined with our focus on scalability and performance.

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