SDL Tridion 2011
content management upgrade

We have a broad expertise with Tridion and implemented various large international websites. For Omron Europe we upgraded the Tridion implementation to the latest version.


Omron Europe uses a centralised content management solution for publication of all her European websites. Voormedia engineers were asked to supervise and manage the upgrade process to SDL Tridion 2011 in close cooperation with business owners and Tridion software engineers. The upgrade should outperform the current solution and have a minimum impact on daily business operations for content managers and marketers.


We created a detailed plan for the upgrade process. This was split into two phases. During the first phase infrastructure and software would be upgraded. In the second phase all legacy templates would be modernised and rewritten from VBScript to C# by Tridion engineers. Finally we would perform extensive quality assurance checks in several testing rounds. After this integration to the production environment could take place.


A completely new and upgraded web infrastructure based on SDL Tridion 2011 for content management. The solution is active in 18 countries and published in many different languages for all business units. In the upgrade process a switch was also made from Windows 32 bit to Linux 64 bit presentation servers enabling using the full memory capacity of the servers.


The first upgrade of a large SDL Tridion content management solution from version 5.2 to 2011. Improvements through important hot-fixes made together with Tridion software engineers.


SDL Tridion 2011 is used for content management and blueprinting, Documentum is used for document management.

Custom code is written in Java and Microsoft .NET. A Google Search Appliance is installed for searching.

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Tridion 2011


Microsoft .NET