Web application for
streamlined tax recovery

For Taxology we prototyped, designed and developed a web application that helps pension funds from all over the world recover taxes on their investments.

Tax process automation

Taxology is a startup that focuses on tax process automation. Their experience is in international tax consulting. Taxology asked Voormedia to prototype, design and implement an online product to streamline withholding tax recovery for international pension funds.

From Excel to prototype

Taxology previously calculated tax returns with Excel. This was the basis on which we prototyped and designed the user interaction. The prototype was used to request feedback from existing customers. It also served as an interactive demo during sales pitches.

Online tax wizard

We built a web application that consumes investment data and other financial information. In the background calculations are made to automatically apply international tax treaties and regulations. Within a few clicks the user can see their potential tax returns.


Taxology's launching product: Protocol . An application that saves time and money for pension funds and helps recover more taxes.

Smart algorithms and performance

The application aims to minimize work for the user. Excel files vary in structure. We implemented several algorithms that automatically detect and interpret the meaning of column headers from uploaded Excel sheets.

Excel sheets with financial data that describe the investment ownership can have hundreds of thousands of rows. Performance is crucial. With the help of careful analysis and tuning these sheets are processed in seconds.

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