Content management solutions

Customers, partners, suppliers and employees all expect actual and accurate information about your organisation, its services and its products.

Which CMS?

There are numerous Content Management Systems. The one that will fit best depends greatly on your business needs. You might be adding news on a blog every now and then and solution A will be just fine. In another situation where all content for multiple websites with different translations might be managed centrally and solution B will be best suited.

How we do it

We help organisations with understanding their collaboration and communication needs. Based on your situation and unique business processes the right product can be chosen. We want you to be absolutely confident with the chosen system. We help design the final solution, implement this in your organisation and provide maintenance and support to stay up and running.


With an appropriate solution your organisation will have quick and easy control of published content on websites, intranets and extranets. Non technical employees will be able to add and change predesignated text, images and videos to keep web publications up to date.

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WordPress started off as an open source blogging system 12 years ago and has evolved into a Content Management System supported by a large and active community. WordPress is used by millions of people every day.

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Atlassian Confluence is a knowledge management system for corporate environments. It is essentially a Wiki to share content within an organisation. Confluence aims at simplicity for multiple users to add, modify, comment and share information.

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SDL Tridion

Tridion excels especially in its blueprinting capabilities: this allows websites in many different languages for companies with divisions and locations worldwide. It results in a globally consistent image and brand experience.

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Adobe Day

Adobe Day is a powerful yet simple to use content management system. It is a versatile product that can be used just as well for less-structured data. The user interface is very user-friendly as can be expected from any Adobe product.

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Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter excels in its highly scalable platform for delivering content. It was formerly known as Fatwire and Open Market, and is designed for large enterprises. It features easy to use tools to contribute and manage the content.

… helping you decide

Each solution on the market today has its own unique advantages. We help you chose between any of the solutions mentioned here and other popular solutions like Mambo, Typo3, Refinery, Plone and Drupal.

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