Online marketing

Online marketing is about attracting customers to your products and services, about targeting audiences and grabbing their attention. In doing this you are aiming for measurable results. Our services in e-marketing include Search Engine Marketing and Campaign Marketing.

Campaign marketing

Attracting attention by highlighting your products and services through special promotion targeted at your customers and audience. These are regularly reoccurring and usually a cross-media activity through sending out newsletters, print advertising, radio commercials, bannering, videos and promotion with gadgets or games.

Social media

Companies and organizations are embracing social media. We help build your communication strategy, set-up the channels, work on the content creation and add custom features. In doing so your audience is addressed through channels like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn and other plaforms.

Search engines

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has the goal of attracting more visitors to your websites through the search engines. SEM starts off with the definition of keywords and competitors. Based on this information SEM can be carried out along two different paths: Organic Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search Inclusion Services.

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